Impreglon Advantage

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management

When it comes to ensuring we achieve consistent results and meet your compliance specifications, our production team strictly follows proven effective and certified Quality Management processes and procedures. The ISO 9001:2015 designation is focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction.

ISO9001 evaluates whether our Quality Management System is appropriate and effective while forcing us to identify and implement improvements.

Exclusive Applicators of Impreglon® Oilfield Protective Coatings

Impreglon Canada has invested heavily in research and development, laboratory analysis and testing to create and trademark what has become the gold standard for thin-build coatings in the Canadian petroleum industry. While other coating companies may tell you they also use Impreglon® Coatings, the reality is they don’t.

All coatings are not created equal, and neither are the results of their application

At Impreglon Canada, we understand the protective coatings we provide are an integral part of the
oilfield production
supply chain and not only do they need to perform under extreme conditions but need to provide
peace of mind for the people that depend on them.

Whether it’s the people behind the scenes in engineering, procurement or distribution, or the end-users
in the field, our goal is the same – to deliver the highest quality possible for coating application and
customer service.

That’s why we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Care & Custody of Your Parts & Equipment

We put tremendous care and attention into handling our customer’s parts and equipment. From the minute they arrive until they have crossed the door of our shipping area, we treat them as though they are our own and they are never mixed with those of our other customers.

Should an error happen to occur, we always take full responsibility and act quickly to rectify the situation, then re-evaluate our processes to ensure that new safeguards are in place immediately.

We’re not simply order-takers

We believe in human-to-human connections, rather than a business-to-customer connection. From our first day in business, our goal has always to become more than our products or services, but compelling and relied upon characters in the business lives of our customers – this has been a key to our over four-decades of continued success.