Downhole Tools

The downhole environment has become increasingly hostile. Due to the combination of aggressive conditions and increasing remediation costs, protecting metal parts against corrosion has become a major focus for large and small producers alike. IMPREGLON® coatings have proven effective in protecting downhole tools from premature failure for a number of reasons:

  1. Exceptional chemical resistance at elevated temperatures
  2. Superior adhesion
  3. Maximum protection
  4. Low cost and minimal hassle
  5. Short lead times
  6. Incidental cost relative to risk of well failure

Recommended Services

IMPREGLON® coatings are used in a range of severe environments including:

  • Injection wells (H20, CO2, polymer)
  • H2S service
  • High-water cut wells
  • Brine service

Parts Coated

IMPREGLON® coatings have been used in both oil and gas services and on a wide variety of downhole tools including:

  • Packers
  • Gaslift/side pocket mandrels
  • On-Off tools
  • Safety valves
  • Seal assemblies
  • Pup joints
  • Seal bores
  • Nipples

IMPREGLON® 222M’s proven effectiveness has established it as the solution of choice for mitigating corrosion and deposition on downhole tools. To learn more about IMPREGLON® coatings on downhole tools, download our brochure.